Become a Tutor
Tutor Online and create Pre-Recorded Lessons for students using airlearners
  • Get Online Tutor Jobs brought to you
  • Automatic Payment for your Tutoring straight into your bank account
  • Create Pre-Recorded Lessons that you sell on airlearners and get paid automatically
  • Grow your Online Pre-Recorded Lessons so you get paid for your content forever
  • Students can learn anytime that suits them, helping them improve at school
How it Works
Creating Content
  • Plan your content and record your Lesson using our guidelines.
  • Upload the Lesson using your Tutor Dashboard.
  • Use your Tutor Dashboard tools to let your students know that you have a new Lesson available.
  • Get paid automatically each time your Lesson is purchased.
  • Contact us anytime for assistance or advice. We’re here to help!
  • Sign up and access your Tutor Dashboard.
  • Set your available times in your Tutor Calendar.
  • Contact existing students and direct them to your profile. New families will find you through the airlearners platform.
  • Run your session using our inbuilt software.
  • Get paid automatically when your Tutoring session starts.