About Us

airlearners is a marketplace that enables Parents and Students to find the best online Tutors and Pre-Recorded OnDemand Lessons in one place. airlearners is an all-inclusive platform designed specifically for Tutoring. Message your Tutor, pay for sessions, purchase Pre-Recorded video lessons and attend your Tutoring Sessions all in one place.


Are you an Australian business?

Yes, airlearners is based in Melbourne.


How do I access my Online Tutoring Session?

airlearners is an all-inclusive platform. There is no need to log into any other video conferencing software – it all happens here. Your Online Tutoring Session is hosted on the airlearners website. Login and click on My Sessions in your Student Dashboard. Your booked Online Tutoring Sessions will be listed here. A clock will countdown to your lesson time. When your lesson is about to start a Join button will appear. Click Join to start your Tutoring Session.


What equipment do I need for Online Tutoring?

You can join your Online Tutoring Session using an iPad, laptop or computer which has internet, audio and a webcam. Simply login to airlearners.com and join your scheduled session.


Where do I find my Pre-Recorded Lessons?

Your purchased Lessons can be found in your Lesson Library. Login and click on Lesson Library to find all your purchased Lessons. Watch these anytime within the airlearners platform.


What are the advantages of Online Tutoring?

Online Tutoring has significant advantages over face to face tutoring. Face to face tutoring is limited by geographic location, however the Tutor that suits your child best may live far away. It’s very important to find a Tutor that connects well with your child and their learning style to get the most from every Tutoring Session. 

Tutors can spend more time with your child in each session because they are prepared and ready to go at the start of their session having already set up prior to the session start. There are no traffic jams or late arrivals, and Tutors have every resource they may need at their fingertips. 

Online Tutoring Sessions also provide the safest, healthiest and most convenient environment for both Tutors and families. There’s no need to clear a space or rearrange your activities at home to cater for Tutors in your home, and Tutors no longer need to spend hours travelling to students each week.


What are the benefits of the airlearners all-inclusive Tutoring platform?

Our all-inclusive platform simplifies each student’s Tutoring needs. You can search and find Online Tutors and Pre-Recorded Lessons in one place. You don’t need to manage different technologies for each Tutor or child. All your children can use the same platform and technology for every Tutor. You can message Tutors, book Online Tutoring Sessions, buy Lessons and manage payments in one place.


Why use a Tutor?

Tutors provide one on one instruction designed to engage your student in their learning. Many students either fall behind, or are ahead of, the rest of their class at school. They often need individual instruction aimed at their learning style to truly engage them and help them to reach their goals. 


Tutor Qualifications and Child Safety Checks

We do our best to verify Tutors Working with Children cards and other credentials, but we recommend that Parents carry out any checks that are important to them before engaging a Tutor.


Online Safety

airlearners has been created specifically for Tutors and Families. All online Tutor Sessions can only be accessed by the Student/s and Tutors that have booked the session. We recommend that a Parent or other responsible adult is present during all online sessions to monitor interactions between Students and Tutors. To ensure Child Safety and Content Quality we record every Online Tutoring Session, and can review these at anytime.



Payments on the airlearners website are safe and secure. We partner with Stripe to process your payments. You can delete your credit card details at any time.



We welcome any feedback regarding Online Sessions, Tutors and Pre-Recorded Lessons. Email us at touchbase@airlearners.com



We’re here to help. If you need assistance at any time, use the Chat function at airlearners.com or email  help@airlearners.com


Terms of Use

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More Questions?

If you need assistance at any time, use the Chat function at airlearners.com or email  help@airlearners.com