How to Guarantee Students’ Safety during Online Tutoring / Is Online Tutoring Safe?

Making the shift from face-to-face tutoring to online tutoring can pose challenges to parents who want the best for their child’s education and learning. As COVID-19 continues globally, online tutoring has soared in being the best way to support children with their education.

In saying that, it is crucial for parents, students as well as tutors to adapt to online tutoring as soon as possible. At Airlearners, we pride ourselves in creating an all-inclusive platform that is safe and secure for all our students and tutors. In this article, we highlight the safety features of our Airlearners website and address other areas of concern.

  1. All sessions are recorded

The best thing about online tutoring is the fact that all sessions can be recorded with the right software. All our lessons hosted on Airlearners are recorded securely for safety purposes so parents are able to monitor lessons should they wish to do so. This also enables parents to keep a close eye on their child’s progress and learning capabilities.

We have studied the current tutor market and have noted that many other companies either do not record their sessions, or they use the platform “Zoom” to host their lessons. These third-party platforms do not ensure that lessons with all students are recorded, or secure and can often be disrupted by Zoom raids from outsiders. Our all-inclusive platform safeguards and guarantees the safety of all children engaging in online tutoring.

The table below shows the different levels of Student Safety being taken into consideration by various tutors companies and tutoring companies. The team at Airlearners takes pride and responsibility in offering the most secured platform out there.

  1. Easy payment options

All payment transactions on our Airlearners’ website are highly safe and secure. We have also partnered with Stripe to process all your payments and have you have the option to delete your credit card details at any time. In addition, parents can track all the lessons they have paid for and keep up to date of future lessons.

  1. Qualified tutors only

Providing quality education is at the forefront of our beliefs and vision. All our tutors at Airlearners have been through a thorough vetting and background check based on their tutoring experience and expertise. This is to ensure the safety and quality of our tutors so as to provide students with the best learning experience.

If you are looking for qualified and passionate tutors to enrich your child’s learning, check out our tutor list.

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